Yearly Archive June 21, 2022


Tutors Needed!


CIS of Randolph County is looking for adult tutors to work with middle school students at the George Washington Carver Community Center or high school students at Asheboro High School. You will work directly with small groups of students and/or one-to-one with other students. The opportunity to communicate with the teachers of the students being tutored about specific needs and assignments will be provided.

Job Description for Tutor

CISRC Employment Application For Tutoring at Asheboro High

CISRC Employment Application for Tutoring at George Washington Carver Community Center



Remember to pick up your pre-ordered meals today at your correct location- Central United Methodist Church in Asheboro (300 S. Main Street) OR Archdale Friends Meeting in Archdale (114 Trindale Road)- between 5 – 7 pm! If you need help or have any questions, please call our Asheboro Office at (336) 625-0008. See you at the Finish Line!

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